Simon & Jin

Simon & Jin shares similar vision with me on how they would like to be photograph for their engagement. I had a great time working with them; from understanding who they are and how they met, brainstorming of ideas and down to the preparations. The whole process was really delightful and I was thrilled for the shoot!

We decided to split the shoot into three days, mainly due to the natural light that I need and the limited amount of time I have with it. I tried to include as many elements I could gather from them and chosen a few locations that they could relate to. One being on the rooftop of Simon’s apartment at East Coast Singapore, overlooking Jin’s old apartment. Fun fact; they actually met overseas and soon realized they’re only living one street across each other hah!

Like any other shoots; not everything will go as planned. We actually got really lucky with the weather and manage to catch a few good windows in-between rains. Although the grey sky wasn’t my favorite option, I embraced the clouds and wind that I was given. On the last evening, our generator failed to operate the lights on the rooftop, it was a nightmare. Luckily, we have enough extension cords lying around to stretch to a power socket that we found. Lights checked, food checked, beautiful looking couple checked; It’s time to wine, dine and dance.


Check out the all the photos here & have a awesome weekend! :)

Jovel & Hayley

Both wonderful friends of mine and it was my pleasure to be their photographer. Had a great time during the shoot with all close friends helping out haha. Once again, happy marriage and a awesome lifetime ahead! :)  

Check out the rest of the photos Here!

On standard.

I don't do standard.

There simply isn't a standard number of hours, locations, poses or charge when i do pre-wedding shoots. My sole priority is our concept. My approach is to do every shoot differently, to keep the working process on it's feet and letting the ideas come alive. 

I wanna feel inspired when i do a shoot for you and that is the only standard i could give.

Have a great week ahead!

Choonyan & Chloe

I'm beginning to realise that i'm planning some shoots according to recollections of my life or things that i wish i'd have done in the past. It has never occur to me that I'd relate myself with projects that aren't for my personal work, simply because they're meant for someone else. 

Anyways, I love this shoot I did for Choonyan & Chloe! I really enjoy photographing young people i must say, always full of energy and fun to work with. 

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Regis & Lareina

I'd usually avoid shooting for actual day weddings, mainly due to the sheer amount of people i have to document and well, I don't like working with someone else. Not to mention, i secretly loathe most of the hotel's ballroom settings... just no... 

Now this is a wedding that i had a awesome time documenting. A yacht filled with just family and friends that the couple had known for years. No awkwardness & "I have no idea who is that guy" moments, most people would probably know what i mean. It was a blast and everyone had a great time sharing stories, reminiscing the Good Ol' Days and not to mention the wines and beers. All I did was simply joining the party with my camera, being up close and personal. This is what wedding is all about, isn't it? Sharing the good news and celebrating the love with people whom you cared for most. Don't empty your savings to impress people; go travel instead or get a restored Singer Porsche 911 with custom chassis, engine, transmission... going off track.

So like-minded people, if you need someone to document your intimate wedding, hit me up. I'd be glad to join your party :)

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Ellery & Lisa

Had two wonderful weekends with this lovely couple. Some things didn't go quite as planned but hey, "letting go is to accept the good things that is waiting for us" eh? 

Have a great weekend guys!

Jerome & Sarah

Never been to nurseries before, let alone one filled with orchids. Felt like a excursion rather than a portrait session, with everyone ending up buying orchids home. Fun times. 

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Got featured on The Lane and i'm super excited to share the news! Here is the link.

If you're outta inspiration for your wedding, check them out. They've got some great articles and plenty of unique ideas for you. Have a great weekend! 

On affection.

One could capture a beautiful image with the perfect composition, lighting or even the perfect moment. But when you find yourself struggling to search for the slightest possible meaning of a picture after the shot was taken, you would doubt the words you're putting in the caption later. It literally drives me nuts sometimes, that i would chuck that roll of film away without even developing it.

Back on topic, I found myself having an affection lately. Being drawn towards the wildly romantic sentiments I'd imagine happening between total strangers. Much like directing a ten minutes short film in my head and cropping out screen shots of it with my camera. Maybe i could do a series of that..

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On weddings.

I've always thought that engagement/wedding shoots plays an important part for a couple. I'm not talking about impressing friends and relatives with gorgeous gowns and a nice suit. Don't get me wrong, but to me those are not the essences.

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The memories you want to bring along are true emotions. The kind of images that flashes in your head when you close your eyes and reminisce. The kiss that caught you off guard, those eyes looking far into yours as if to tell you something amazing is about to happen, the soft touch on the lips that takes your breathe away, the love at it's purest.

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On life.

Nothing in life is unachievable and i think the key is how much you want it, how much sacrifices, how much time and willingness you've got to commit. It is all about the unwavering commitments, telling yourself to refuse temptations that would fade away with time. To foresee what others couldn't foresee about yourself, about what you will become. It is about not giving up even when failure visits over and over again. To believe that perseverance is a great human quality and the key to success. And i guess at the end of the journey, it is not so much about what will you get, rather it is about what you will become. The bold, fearless being that went out to live.

On how i work.

I think photography is not about taking pictures. It is mainly about yourself. How you feel, your thoughts and your identity. 

No, I’m not talking about photojournalism, where one needs to forgo oneself and focus on an issue. I’m talking about personal, private documentary; about finding a vital connection with your subjects. It’s a very self-centered and personal experience, much like a visual diary. Probably the only way to bring out real images. That’s why photographs are only projected expressions; the photography process is solely about relations, about human compassion. 

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One might disagree but that is how I’d like to work.


Okay.. things might get a little awkward and personal because i never had a public blog before. I'll try to keep things photography related, but pardon me for occasional post on music and beers; the other two things i can't live without.  

Hope you enjoy reading (c: